Thursday, January 13, 2011

100 Layout Challenge #2

I am well on my way to actually scrapbooking and finishing layouts for my kids, not just projects for others to make. I hope you enjoy layout #2. If you check the lower left corner of the right page you can witness the spot where my youngest decided to use it as a place to " see if my pen worked". AAAHHHH kids, they are so special. Someday no one will color on anything, I decided it was more important to leave it than to fix it. So, oh well and move on.

Most of the time we are saying we need to get "CAUGHT UP", most of us may never do that, we scrapbook because we love it. You are not required to put every single picture on a scrapbook layout. That is not the point. My goal for you is to make your memories beautiful, not to get caught up. It is suggested in the scrapbook world that we start current. This layout is the most current baseball pictures of my son, so start current and see how far you have come. Life is meant to be enjoyed, if we always worry about getting or being "CAUGHT UP" it takes the FUN right out of it. Enjoy these moments while they are happening and on a page.

Happy Scrapping!

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