Monday, February 3, 2014

Answered Prayers of a Righteous Mother

I'm gonna have to say that being a Mother is my greatest blessing.  I love my life.  I love my kids.  When they hurt, my heart aches.  So many things in my life have left me feeling desperate and helpless but never as much as when my child has struggled so much with life.  Her choices ended up making huge changes in her world and mine.  As she has suffered and tried to make a better path, I can honestly say that I have never found myself so in need of my Savior's Love and help.  Whomever, made this little picture in the world, I want to say thank you.  I am terrible at finding the original person who made it or posted it, but it is truly been a blessing for me to know it and read it so thank you.  For my friends who follow my blog, I am grateful that maybe I can add a little hope to your life.  That knowing we may struggle.  Our babies may struggle.  But in the end, our Heavenly Father is aware of us and he knows us.  It gives me great faith to know that He answers the prayers of a mother.

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