Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What a Magical Day

Fun Story, this little girl is my daughter, Lexie.  She is 9.  The miniature horse is Sapphire Princess.  A magical day of fate, meant to be, love at first sight or just plain old fashioned luck.

Lexie qualified for the Eastern Idaho State Livestock judging team from our county fair in August but chose not to do it.  So as the time got closer and people and other families made plans, there was an extra spot.  So I received a call to see if she wanted to participate, knowing that her older siblings, Josie and Kyle were going to already go, I said that she would do it, then told her she was.

So she ended up being the 4th body on this team comprised of older girls, one of which was her sister Josie (15).  There was clearly a huge age difference in this team as they lined up to start their day, with Lexie only being 9 and the other three over the age of 15.

Livestock judging is a good long event.  Several classes of species, including cows, pigs, sheep, and goats, broken down into classes of 4 and other clarifications, such as breeding or market.  So already Lexie was not looking forward to it.  :)

Several times we walked by and she was sitting in the dirt or drawing pictures.  After all her card was marked and she had plenty of time in her mind.

As the day went on the contest was closed and we were eating lunch and waiting for the results, Lexie had taken her Papa Jim over to the horse barn where she had discovered a miniature horse for raffle.  "Buy a ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20" said the signs all over.  Lexie fell in love with these little horses and she was begging her Papa to buy her the horse.  They returned to the barn for the contest results and the begging for $20 continued.

Finally the results were announced.  Josie won 3rd place individual.  Kyle was on the 3rd place team.  Both had returned with fancy ribbons.  The green eyes of jealousy were sneaking in.  Finally The C team results.  It didn't matter the age, of this group this is the team with Josie and Lexie, however un-known to a 9 year old that the 3 older girls on her time had actually won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place individually, which I knew that they were going to win the team event, but Lexie did not.  They were announced!  Eyes wide with excitement she followed her Josie to the front to receive her ribbon and her premium money of $20.

You could literally see the wheels turning in her little mind.  By the time she made it back to her seat, she said "I know what I am doing with this, come on Papa."

After trading in the premium paper for the actual $20 bill she lead us all to the horse barn.  She handed the people her $20 bill and said "here is my $20 to buy 5 tickets to buy my horse."  She knew that she was taking that pony home.  Her confidence made me believe in the back of my mind as well, but being an adult, where we lose the power to just be sure and excited, I tried to reign her in by explaining how raffles work and if you are lucky and so on.  She calmly said, "I'm taking that horse home."

We walked away, ate some lunch and saw the sights after a hard days work of livestock judging, we let the kids have a little fun.  In fact, Lexie saw pony rides for $5 on our trip around.  She wanted to ride them so bad.  Kyle said "why? we have mine at home and you are going to win yours today."  She said, "I know but what if I don't?"  Then everyone was silent and quickly responded "you can't think like that", "I know you are gonna win".

After all was seen and food was consumed the call came in..."is Lexie there?"  She had won that silly horse.  Now we were going to have to go all the way home to get a horse trailer and come all the way back to get her.  After all it was the last day of the fair.  Two and a half hours each direction meant we were going to be on the road for 7 1/2 hours at least.

Her daddy, my dear husband Bret, who once again, proved what real dad's are made of, made arrangements with the people to meet back here so we could take her home.  After the longest trip and a long night of driving.  We brought Sapphire Princess to her new home.  When you become a member of our family farm you don't really ever leave, especially if you are a horse.

Sapphire Princess is her registered name and she is a welcomed and loved addition to our farm and family.
Something to smile about, and miracles do happen.

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